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Consent To Obtain Credit
I consent to BNM Credit Rejuvenation and its agents and employees to obtain a report of my credit record, using that report to contact the creditors listed thereon. I further authorize the creditors listed on my credit record to release information to BNM Credit Rejuvenation and its agents and employees. By signing below, I understand that I may rescind this consent within 3 business days without any obligation to BNM Credit Rejuvenation. I also understand this is not a legal binding contract but a consent to obtain credit.  

I am doing this of my own accord and I am asking BNM Credit Rejuvenation to act as an educator to initiate any positive changes to any and/or all information reported on me by the credit bureaus or creditors. On my behalf and for the mutual benefit of BNM Credit Rejuvenation and myself I intend to:

  • DO NOT apply for credit or have credit report pulled while work is in progress.
  • Agree to make payment to BNM Credit Rejuvenation once derogatory credit information has been removed.
  • Correspond ONLY with BNM Credit Rejuvenation on debit/credit matters while work is in progress.


I agree to all of the above terms and conditions.