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How long has BNM Credit Rejuvenation been doing business?
  • Our staff and administrators have been involved in the credit industry for more than 10 years. 
Does BNM offer any guarantees?
  • We are so confident in our credit repair abilities that we Do Not Charge in Advance For Credit Repair Services. In compliance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, we only charge for credit repair services after they have been rendered
How do I get started?
  • Click on the Contact Us button to reach one of our expert credit consultants who will give you a FREE credit consultation. If we feel that our services would help you, and you want to improve your credit, you can complete the documents online or download them to get started removing all inaccurate, and unverifiable negative items from your report.
What are my responsibilities?
  • You have two very important responsibilities during our credit repair process. 1. DO NOT apply for credit or have additional credit reports pulled while work is in progress2. Provide BNM Credit Rejuvenation with a clear copy of the documents requested during the initial credit consultation.
​Does BNM Credit Rejuvenation disclose personal information?
  • We will not share, sell, transfer or convey your personal information to any unaffiliated companies or third parties. BNM maintains strict confidence of your personal information. We have strict policies for all BNM employees and associates when it comes to sharing personal information internally.
How long will it take to repair my credit?
  • Successfully repairing credit requires persistence, patience and experience. This is where our expertise saves you valuable time. To effectively dispute incorrect information on your credit report, the key is knowing the 'valid disputes' and understanding the methods used by the credit bureaus in order to submit personalized disputes that meet their requirements and warrant a timely response. Our clients typically start seeing results in 45-60 days. Because everyone's case is different, some cases are completed in that time, but the average length for our clients is 2 to 3 months. 
What if a friend or family member wants to sign up too, do I get a discount?
  • BNM Credit Rejuvenation is proud to offer an incentive to clients that refer a potential client who takes advantage of our services. Contact us if you would like to refer a friend or family member that is interested and we will tell you how you can earn incentives for your referral.

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